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Teacher Trainers – Meet the team

Jordanna in 2014 with Mentor Rael @ BASI HQ

Jordanna Smith

Jordanna has been on the faculty of Body Arts and Science International® since 2012 and is also director of BASI Pilates Australia.

Jordanna is the proud owner of Pilates Studio 64 in Brisbane, the head quarters for BASI Pilates® in Australia.  After a long career of dancing and performing Jordanna fell into a Pilates career from dance injuries in 2002 and since then has continued her studies in Pilates.  After completing her BASI Pilates comprehensive teacher training course she learnt directly from founder and Mentor, Rael Isacowitz in the United States at BASI HQ.   Jordanna has enjoyed teaching for BASI Pilates both globally and within Australia.

Jordanna earned an Associate Degree in Dance at the Queensland University of Technology. Her rich background in movement assist with offering BASI Pilates®students the tuition needed to pursue a successful career. Aiding in student development and teacher training Jordanna holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is a Principle Trainer and member with the Pilates Alliance Australia (PAA).

Shayne with Mentor Rael Isacowitz at Learn from the Leaders 2016

Shayne Smith

Shayne is a qualified Karate instructor and holds the rank of 4th Dan Shidoin, awarded by the Shukukai World Karate Union. Shayne has been a Karate Practitioner since 1992 training with Samurai International World Chief Instructor Shihan Paul Mitchell 8th Dan.

In 2006 Shayne started training in the Pilates method for a knee injury sustained during Karate competition. During this time he found the same passion for Pilates as Karate and since then has become a qualified BASI Instructor.

Shayne’s passion and interest grew in the Pilates method after meeting and practising with his mentor Rael Isacowitz. Rael’s inspiration of the Pilates method has encouraged Shayne to further develop the importance of Pilates for men and is continually involved with advanced education, interstate and internationally.

Since 2012, Shayne has enjoyed teaching as a Faculty member for BASI Pilates and travelled throughout Australia and internationally visiting New Zealand, Indonesia and Japan.

Enhancing his Pilates knowledge Shayne also has furthered his studies in neurology and pain management with Dr Eric Cobb creator and co-founder of Z-Health Performance based in Arizona USA.  Since 2012 Shayne has completed his teaching courses with Z-health and to this day now incorporates this further study and knowledge to the Pilates system developing cutting edge advanced education workshops.

Ed teaching at Learn from the Leaders 2016

Eduard Botha

Eduard Botha is an accredited BASI Pilates instructor, with over 13 years of Pilates teaching experience. Prior to taking up Pilates, he was a Martial Arts instructor and a certified personal fitness trainer from the Exercise Teachers Academy in Cape Town, South Africa. He is also a certified Russian Kettlebells trainer.

In 2005, Eduard spent a year teaching and developing Pilates in Beijing, China. He has since had the opportunity to teach BASI Pilates courses in Italy, Enland, Greece, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia and Japan.In 2009 Ed completed an Ashtanga Yoga certification in order to further explore the roots of his Pilates practice.

Ed has had the opportunity to be a guest instructor on Pilates Anytime. In 2016, Ed relocated with his family to Sydney, Australia. He currently teaches at Dynamic Pilates in Manly.
In Australia, Ed works along side fellow BASI faculty, Shayne and Jordanna Smith.


Emily Lamb – Assisting Faculty

Emily started practising the Pilates method when she was 12 years old. She was suffering from chronic TMJ and back issues and was referred to Pilates by her physiotherapist. Emily grew to love Pilates and rely on its outstanding benefits in her every day life as a teenager and adult. More recently Pilates has supported her through pregnancy and caring for two children.

In 2013 Emily decided to leave the corporate life and began the full Comprehensive Training Course with Body Arts and Science International (BASI). Emily passionately believes in the BASI system and the incredible results it can provide. Since then Emily has completed her Booty Barre and Rhythm Pilates training along with various other related courses.

After qualifying, Emily worked for some of the BASI studios including Pilates Studio 64, operated by Jordanna & Shayne Smith (BASI Pilates Australia – Directors). Undertaking a mentoring partnership with Jordanna allowed Emily to continue refining and developing her Pilates and anatomy knowledge over the last few years.

In 2017, Emily created Pilates for a Purpose (previously Body Fit Pilates 2014-2016). P4P is a client centred boutique studio that is driven by the individual needs of its clients. Emily is passionate about genuinely helping clients get the most out of Pilates. She confidently believes in its effectiveness for all lifestyles. She loves being able to support people through their own Pilates journey.

Emily considers it an incredible honour joining the BASI Pilates Australia team as assisting faculty. She looks forward to furthering her knowledge and learning from such inspiring Pilates specialists as well as sharing the BASI method with upcoming students.

Sheryl Katz

Sheryl Katz – Assisting Faculty

Sheryl became an accredited BASI Pilates instructor in 2011 and teaches from her own home-based studio. Sheryl started practising Pilates over 20 years ago to complement her running training and soon learnt that it served as the best method to prevent injury and develop strong body awareness.

Originally a corporate lawyer, Sheryl temporarily left her legal career in 2007 to study the pure Pilates classical method. In 2010 Sheryl finally decided to leave the law for good when she found the BASI method infusing classical Pilates with a constantly evolving scientific backing. BASI finally gave Sheryl the answers she was seeking.

Sheryl finds that teaching and learning go hand in hand and constantly seeks out opportunities to develop and grow. Since qualifying as a BASI instructor in 2011, Sheryl has participated in multiple courses both in Australia and overseas, including Xtend Barre, Booty Barre, Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, BASI Mentor programme (2011 and 2018), Buff Bones Licensing Course and numerous other workshops.

Sheryl is deeply passionate about the BASI practice of Pilates with its holistic and contemporary philosophy. She is very excited to join the BASI team as assisting faculty, to continue learning and to help develop the next generation of BASI instructors.