Rig Pilates is a well known and respected Pilates studio in Perth, Western Australia that focuses on quality instruction, education and certification through BASI Pilates® as well offering continued studies for Pilates professionals.

Rig offers the finest quality Pilates instruction with personal attention and service. Our instructors are certified from BASI Pilates®, leader in Pilates education and internationally renowned. With this education, Rafters offers people of all ages, fitness levels and specific populations the opportunity to learn Pilates with safety and effectiveness. Each instructor brings their dedication, wisdom, creativity and enthusiasm to their teaching within a non-competitive atmosphere. They are educated in applied anatomy and physiology and also have a deep knowledge of the body through their own movement experiences. They are constantly building on their knowledge and skills through continuing education workshops and the BASI Legacy program.

Rig has state-of-the-art BASI SYSTEMS® apparatus ideal for our BASI Students to practice their studies and also to observe clients in group and studio sessions.

The whole team at Rig are excited and eager to teach you the most perfect total body sessions, and are proud to host the BASI Pilates® Certification Courses for Perth and the surrounding areas.

2020 Training Courses

Full Comprehensive course

Modules 1-3 – March 27th – 29th
Modules 4-6 – May 1st – 3rd
Modules 7-9 – June 5th – 7th
Modules 10-12 – July 17th- 19th

Mat Teacher Training course

Modules 1-3 – March 27th- 29th
Modules 4-6 – May 1st – 3rd

ProBridge Global Program

Modules 1-6 | 10 -12 July 2020

Modules 7-12 | 30, 31 October & 1 November 2020