BASI Pilates Australia Reviews

BASI Pilates Australia Reviews

How do you choose the best Pilates instructor training course in Australia?

One of the best ways is to hear from the past students themselves…

BASI Pilates Cairns Host Studio
BASI- Cairns Host studio
BASI Pilates Sydney Host Studio
Perth BASI Pilates Host Studio

Katrina – BASI trained instructor, Pilates Studio 64, Brisbane

“Choosing to train with BASI at Pilates Studio 64 in Brisbane was an easy decision.

Being a client for 8 years and having Pilates rehabilitate two injuries over that time, I found that each piece of BASI equipment (not just Reformer) and mat exercises and the wide range of exercises incorporated in the BASI Block System has made complete physical and mental sense.

It is enormously satisfying instructing and educating clients on the life-long benefits of the Pilates programme that BASI Pilates offers.”

Hayley – BASI trained instructor, Cairns Pilates Barre

“The course has provided me with the knowledge to teach across all forms of Pilates equipment, confidently and safely. The learning never stops, with new courses and ways to develop as an instructor which keeps me passionate and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend this course enough, it has changed my life.”

Cassy- BASI trained instructor, Cairns Pilates Barre

“I had not studied for almost 20 years and I still need to be much fitter than I was. This however was not a problem. The training received was intense and tailored to everyone’s capabilities. over the duration of the course it was evident the sheer volume of information to be learned was immense. The support given by the studio and BASI instructors was wonderful.”

Robynne – BASI trained instructor, Dynamic Pilates, Sydney

“I enrolled on the Global Comprehensive Certification course in Sydney in 2018 on a whim – and despite teaching and practising Pilates for 12 years, the shift in mindset, precision of movement and focused control I’ve experienced over the course has been profound.”

Isla – BASI Pilates student, Rig Pilates, Perth

“A huge thank you so far to the BASI and Rig faculty. I absolutely loved every minute of the Perth Mat course introduction and first modules.

While most of my past experience with Pilates was with more clinical Physiotherapy and classical Pilates methods, I have absolutely no doubt that I made the right decision when I chose BASI to begin my training.

The program is incredibly thorough in its delivery, yet still has a lovely sense of open-mindedness and flexibility. The appreciation of all ‘wholesome movement’ really resonates with the reason why I began Pilates. The passion that Shayne and Saysh have was so evident through the intelligent, positive and constructive delivery, and the sense of support and pastoral care was also exceptional.”

“Pilates is the never-ending process of learning about the body, controlling movement, and striving for well-being … As long as there is an ambition to be better, a world of discovery and untapped potential awaits.”

Rael Isacowitz, Founder BASI Pilates

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